Top Vantage Points for Fall Foliage


Somewhere between too hot or too cold in Toronto is the perfect stretch of weather, clothing, and scenic views and sights. That stretch is autumn.

Toronto is fairly spoiled when it comes to gorgeous fall foliage and colours. Whether you’re looking to take it all in on a hike, or give your Instagram feed a boost, the city’s parks and ravines are sure to have you covered.

Here are our top picks for fall foliage in Toronto, and remember, pics or it didn’t happen.

The Don Valley

The Don Valley Ravine system extends across Crothers Woods, Brick Works, Taylor Creek, Sunnybook Park, Edwards Gardens and the East Don Valley Parkland. Walking trails, wildflower preserves, Toronto’s Botanical Garden and more can be seen on this epic display of peak autumn.

Toronto Islands

Many people only flock to the islands during the summer time, which makes it perfect for a romantic, leisurely day trip in the fall. The ferry runs on the weekend to limit travel time if you can make it.

Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs are a gorgeous destination during every season, but they are especially so during autumn. View the expansive Lake Ontario, visit the beach or hike the trails. This one might be our personal favorite; its beauty makes the hustle and bustle of Toronto seem so far away.

Rouge Park

A rich assembly of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes. Rouge Park provides several hiking opportunities and trails around the ravine walls but is also very suitable for taking the scenic route by car.

High Park

Truly make a day of a visit to High Park. Located near the zoo, Jamie Bell Adventure Playground, and home to a ton of wildlife. 161 hectares large and perfect for families on the weekends. Not much needs to be said about the scenic beauty of High Park.