Top 5 Hidden Bars in Toronto


Toronto boasts a spectrum of bars and clubs. A city seemingly sponsored by Drake and Grey Goose, it’s easy for anyone’s Instagram feed to become overrun by skyline selfies and poke bar angel wings.

But behind the long lines and overpriced drinks, Toronto also features an array of hidden gems. Tucked behind secret entrances and exclusive passwords, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite hidden bars in Toronto:

Cold Tea

Look for a doorway illuminated by a single red light inside the Kensington Mall. Once you enter, you’ll find exceptional cocktails, fresh dim sum, a backyard patio, and varying art installations by local artists.

Cold TeaGoogle Maps

Mahjong Bar

Mahjong bar is where you can enjoy beer, wine and spirits, along with a variety of Chinese small plates; all hidden behind a pink bodega storefront. If you enjoy having a few drinks in a secretive and charming atmosphere, this is the perfect destination.

Mahjong Bar Google Maps


What makes a bar more exclusive than requiring a password to enter? Located on the upper level of Baro, Escobar serves delicious cocktails all within sight of a neon sign that reads “Pablo Loves You”, which is sure to elevate the quality of your Instagram feed. The password changes daily, so make sure to do your research beforehand.

Google Maps

The Toronto Temperance Society

Reserved for those with a finer taste, the bar is graced with prohibition era decor, along with the well-curated cocktail menu and beer list. If you’re not a member, a polite phone call or an email might get you a spot inside. Don’t forget to ask how to find the entrance, and familiarize yourself with the set of house rules before you step in.

The Toronto Temperance SocietyGoogle Maps

The Libertine

Head down a hidden staircase behind the neon tarot card sign and you’ll find this magical bar with speakeasy vibes. Once underground, you’ll be impressed with their medley of craft cocktails, seasonal cuisine, and an in-house fortuneteller.

The Libertine Google Maps