Meals in Midtown


Midtown Toronto is much more than just a central business district, it's an urban paradise.

The residents of 150 & 155 Redpath, as well as Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos, are steps away from parks, reflecting pools, and jogging trails, situated between stylish high-rise residences and heritage buildings.

Time can be spent taking relaxing walks around the park or admiring some of the most impressive street art in Toronto. Or perhaps you'll catch a movie at a charming old theatre and shop around the boutiques. Whatever your itinerary, one thing is certain- one cannot enjoy the endless adventures Midtown provides on an empty stomach. The good news is there's no shortage of choices when it comes to dining out with 681 restaurants open for business in the area.

While we're sure all 681 restaurants will be explored eventually, we've helped you out with 5 amazing restaurants around Yonge & Eglinton to help get your culinary adventure started.

Cibo Wine Bar

If you're looking for truly authentic Italian food, and a seemingly endless wine-list, then just venture a short distance north of Eglinton on Yonge Street and you'll find Cibo Wine Bar. This restaurant bakes its own bread and cures its own meats in house, and was awarded with a Marchio Ospitalita Italiana by the Italian government for authenticity – but you should come and judge for yourself!

Cibo Wine Bar2472 Yonge St

La Carnita

After you satisfy your Italian taste buds, head out east of Yonge on Eglinton Avenue and you'll come across an approachable and exciting Mexican restaurant, La Carnita. Here you can find delicious Mexican street food and drinks to enjoy for a casual outing. A true fiesta!

La Carnita130 Eglinton Avenue East

Kinton Ramen

A tasty bowl of ramen with delicious broth is worth travelling half way across the world for. Kinton Ramen, conveniently located right at the Yonge & Eglinton intersection, brings the authentic taste of Japanese ramen to Midtown so that you don't have to plan a trip to Tokyo on any given evening when the serious craving for a good bowl of ramen hits you.

Kinton Ramen90 Eglinton Avenue East


Can't decide between Mexican and Japanese? This is when living in Toronto truly pays off. Rolltation is a quick take-out spot where you can get the infamous sushi burritos and poke bowls, located minutes from Yonge & Eglinton. You can fully customize your roll with a wide selection of ingredients available.

Rolltation 2291 Yonge Street

Sweet Jesus

Looking for a perfect dessert after the main course? Sweet Jesus, which you probably have heard of from the social media spotlight it received over the past year, is located right next door to La Carnita. Aside from the delicious ice creams that look like contemporary art pieces, it is also an espresso bar that opens at 7am daily – and what's not sweet about that?!

Sweet Jesus 130 Eglinton Avenue East