JULY 2019

Galleria on the Park


Live as One in a New City Park Community

The Dupont and Dufferin neighbourhood is well known for its creativity and its ability to give voice to artistic expression. Its many green spaces and refurbished brick factories create the colourful mix that has come to define one of Toronto’s most vibrant communities. It’s an open celebration of all types of culture that together create the neighbourhood’s unique character. Makers of all kinds fill its spaces and add unique flavour with breweries, galleries, studios, fashion boutiques, bistros restaurants and enterprises. Toronto’s centre of inspiration lives in and around Dupont and Dufferin.

There’s colour around every corner. Art decorates the streets, sides of buildings, bridges and even roads. For those who want a more intimate experience, exhibitions like the Place and Placement Art Exhibition offer temporary artistic refuge while The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) on Sterling Rd. holds regular exhibits featuring stunning pieces and some of the most thought-provoking artists. The gallery runs through five floors beginning on the ground floor with a permanent Art Metropole outpost. Then, each floor is dedicated to a unique idea or theme with pieces from a variety of different artists using different mediums. In between colourful streets, MOCA and the equally evocative Mercer Union, Matter Gallery and Cooper Cole Gallery, there’s no shortage of ways to feed inspiration.

And that’s just the beginning. Every summer, Dupont and Dufferin hosts music festivals that feature local and international bands and promote local businesses. The neighbourhood is scattered with rustic bars and welcoming restaurants where you can grab craft beer, tasty food and enliven your senses. From Café Neon, Uncle Mikey’s and Wallace Espresso to Parallel (home to Toronto’s best falafel) and Famiglia Baldassarre (the city’s best pasta), you can savour the diverse range of food that represents all those who call the community home. Stop by the Village Juicery for a cleansing smoothie or visit The Stop’s Farmer’s Market or Urban Acorn Market for the freshest local produce. All the while losing yourself in the aromas of inspired cuisine, hot coffees and cold beer that permeates the streets.

It’s a tight-knit community with neighbourhood meetings and different group classes sure to stir everyone’s curiosity from art workshops to gruelling fitness sessions and boxing, dance and yoga studios. In the winter, go down to Dufferin Grove Park or the Wallace Emerson Community Centre for ice-skating and meandering figure 8s. Every turn greets you with something new in a neighbourhood that can’t seem to stand still. Different stores draw you in with chic fashion and retro furniture: custom-built salvaged wood furniture at Rebarn, unique and eclectic imports from Furniture Emporium and Saudade, mid-century custom furniture at Vintage Home Boutique and an art hub, gallery and farmer’s market at Artscape at Wychwood Barns.

The history of this fascinating, warm community is alive and protected. It is in the Toronto Public Library that preserves the good old days before Kindle, Netflix and Spotify; it is in Dead Dog Records that celebrates vinyl records and the embracing sound needle scratching record; but nowhere is it better seen than Galleria Mall. Walk through the spirit of one of Toronto’s iconic landmarks; it’s a truly nostalgic experience. Take to the outdoors and drift between the many parks that sprawl across the neighbourhood or bike through The West Toronto Railpath that connects The Junction to Roncesvalles Village.

And now, within this community alive with historic charm and modern art, Galleria on the Park is coming soon. A master-planned community on the new Dupont, Galleria is a celebration of people who have forged a cultural district of their own – one that is warm and welcoming, colourful and curious, bold and ambitious. Galleria fuses urban living with a rarely seen massive park, public spaces, lifestyle experiences, exceptional retail and innovative office space. It is where every new activity and event will take place in a community living, working and growing as one.

Galleria offers a modern urban lifestyle, inspiration at work and a fresh look to modern retail:
20,000 sq. ft. of office space and The Mews: nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of retail space. Galleria will meet the demands of the rising creative and tech booms in Toronto while complementing and drawing inspiration from the artisanal renaissance in the area.

The City has planned for a newly modified Wallace Emerson park which includes doubling the size of the Community Centre to 95,000 sq. ft., making it one of the largest in Toronto, and expanding the park to nearly 8 acres. Along with a gym, multi-purpose rooms, community kitchen, outdoor skating trail, swimming pools, dance studio, running track, and full fitness facilities, the new community centre will feature a child care centre and playground. A green roof will slope down to integrate with Wallace-Emerson Park. The park’s geography is as diverse as the neighbourhood it’s in. At its west end: a BMX/skateboard park and multi-use sports courts. At its centre: a multi-use green field with a hill that invites communion and exhilaration. And at its east end: a canopy of trees and meandering pathways to wander along in quiet reverie.

Galleria on the Park will embrace the neighborhood’s rich history and culture while at the same time adding to it. Galleria is a new chapter in charming, storied Dupont and Dufferin.