NOV 2019

Best Parks to Enjoy Fall Colours in Toronto


Now is the time when the city glows with a kaleidoscope of yellow, orange and red. Here are the best parks from where you can relish the picture-perfect scene that is fall in Toronto.

High Park

We begin with High Park because it’s so much more than its myriad of hiking trails. You could easily spend an entire day here immersed in fall’s foliage. From the zoo and dog park, to playgrounds, eateries, picnic areas and lakefront, High Park is a landscape of experiences, set along a backdrop of colour bursting with life.

Glen Stewart Ravine

Glen Stewart Ravine is a picturesque, 11-hectare stretch of parkland. Walled in on both sides by steep hills, the path through the ravine takes you across babbling brooks, rich vegetation and a rare red oak tree forest. The trail places you in the heart of the park under a tree canopy. Here, you’re at the centre of fall’s splendour.

The Don Valley Ravine System

The Don Valley Ravine System is a collection of stunning parks, gardens and creeks, all connected in a lush green belt. There are plenty of spots from where you can take in the colours of fall in Toronto: Crothers Woods, Taylor Creek, Brick Works, Sunnybrook Park, Edwards Gardens and the East Don Parkland.

Humber Valley

The Humber Valley runs from Lake Ontario north through the city until Steeles Avenue. What’s remarkable is, as you walk the length of the valley, it doesn’t once lose its beauty. Fall here leaves you in a state of awe. Lambton Park, Raymore and Etienne Brule Park are just a few of the parklands that dot Toronto’s green vein.

Toronto Islands

If you want to explore a little further away from the city, the Toronto Islands provide the perfect escape that is tranquil, less busy and ideally secluded. Here, you can discover the many number of tree species, settle by the lake or walk through the many untouched trails. Exploring the Islands in fall is the best way to reconnect with nature.

Scarborough Bluffs

There are a total of eleven parks along the 15 kilometre stretch that is the Scarborough Bluffs. Each feature astonishing views of the bluffs and Lake Ontario, and feature trails, beaches and gardens. Bluffer’s Park, East Point Park and Scarborough Heights Park are just a few parklands that are waiting to be experienced this fall.

The Moore Park Ravine

The Moore Park Ravine runs from the Mount Pleasant Cemetery down to Evergreen Brickworks. The path runs through an impressive canopy of oaks, maples and beech trees that transform in fall. Governor’s Bridge is a wonderful example of urban structures entwined in the natural landscape.

Toronto offers plenty of opportunities to make the most of fall. In and around the city, a plethora of parks are waiting to be explored, bursting quietly with a rich alchemy of colours. You could easily spend a full day in one, then do it all over again in another the next day. Enjoy the season: there’s only so much time left.