Make the most of the Market


The St. Lawrence Market Community is where traditional meets contemporary. It is the perfect convergence of culture & creativity. This is a neighbourhood centrally located in downtown Toronto, featuring uniquely urban architecture, ample green space, and views of the lake. Within reach of anything you may ever need, Sixty Colborne is urban living reimagined, providing you with plenty of opportunity for exploration.

Though it is easy to get swept up in the constant happenings in this area, let's not forget where this community got its name – The St. Lawrence Market. Ranked by National Geographic as the world's greatest food market, and centrally located in downtown Toronto. What more can you ask for?! With much to taste & discover you may find yourself aimlessly wandering to take in all the sights, tastes, and smells! The market features more than 120 merchants providing everything from seafood to coffee, with each merchant possessing a knowledge & passion for their products, often something lacking in this day & age.

With this world-class market just steps from your door, it's easy to prepare the freshest meals possible for your friends, family, and yourself. Wander amongst the isles of the market as you choose from an enormous variety of fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and seafood. The vast array of merchants are sure to fuel your inspiration but if you find yourself continuing to wonder what to cook, visit the Market's blog where they have a seemingly endless selection of creative recipes available.

St. Lawrence Market

The St Lawrence Market has become so much more than just a market, also playing host to an endless stream of events & cooking workshops. Sign up for one today to keep your skills sharp or even learn something completely new and different. With a selection of top-tier chefs teaching & supervising, you are sure to walk away with some new & exciting techniques that will no doubt impress your guests.

St. Lawrence Market Events

Living in the St Lawrence Market community is a treat in itself! With elegant urban living meeting Old Toronto charm, this is one of the city’s most dynamic neighbourhoods. Sixty Colborne is exactly where you want to be, especially if you make the most of the Market!